Nearing Retirement

As retirement approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll live on retirement income rather than employment earnings.

Perhaps most important is determining the sources you’ll tap to create a stream of income. This money will provide your daily living expenses and pay for the special things for which you’ve saved, as well as provide a safety net for unexpected expenses.

In addition to your JRB account, you’ll want to consider other savings as well as Social Security.

You might also want to review your beneficiary designations to be sure they reflect your current wishes.

Remember, if you are clergy, your JRB savings account will provide your parsonage allowance in retirement.  Are you on track to cover your housing expenses for the 20 to 30 years you likely will spend in retirement?

Since there are many things to consider and plan for as you approach retirement, it’s an ideal time to schedule a personal consultation with the JRB professional staff.

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