New to JRB Plan

If you’ve recently joined the JRB Plan, retirement may seem a distant concern. Yet taking a look down the road, and developing a strategy at the outset, is a basic first step in planning a financially secure retirement.

In making investment decisions for your JRB account, it’s important to learn about the major asset classes: stocks (also called equity), bonds (also called fixed income), and cash equivalents, such as money market accounts and the JRB’s stable value fund. You’ll also want to explore the Plan’s mutual funds, which invest in one or more of these asset classes.

To provide a framework for your investment decisions, you may want to learn about asset allocation and diversification strategies that can help you manage risk while your portfolio grows.

You may also want to explore target date funds, which gradually shift the holdings from more aggressive to more conservative assets as you approach retirement.

If you are a cantor or rabbi, you will also want to learn about how you can claim a parsonage allowance in retirement through the JRB.

The Retirement Marathon

Tax-Deferred Investing

Investment Risk

The Mutual Funds Market

Allocating Your Assets